In Your Bag


At SESH we’re not just the best, smell proof weed stash box. Sure, we’re absolutely the cutest, most airtight, largest and overall best stash box available, but there’s so much more to it! SESH is a lifestyle brand that creates sleek, portable storage accessories to keep cannabis fresh, organized, and off the radar. Applying decades of experience in the hydroponics and retail industries and a lifetime of smoking weed, SESH prioritizes the use of thoughtful design, expert engineering, and premium materials to make herbal storage solutions geared towards daily consumers. Unlike wooden cannadors, the SESH stash box accessories are all dishwasher safe, making it effortless to keep clean. The inspiration for SESH came from Bento Boxes & Caboodles, says founder Dawn Bradley. “I've been storing weed for a long time - always in something random - stinking up planes, trains and autos ... [I] wanted something simple and smell proof.” “I love creating a product from a need, a desire and a solution” adds Treg Bradley, “Cannabis storage before SESH was basically a mason jar or an old prescription container. Every company in the Cannabis space was focused on the production and processing of the plant. We felt there was a need for a unique design object that would allow users to take it on the go or for home storage use. We wanted to control odors, hold numerous stash jars, contain rolling material and to be able to roll their own on a unique tray/ surface and to be able to take out inserts to clean in a dishwasher. Sesh was inspired by the plastic bento boxes seen in the last decade here in the US.” At its heart SESH aims to innovate and bring to life some of the best, mobile and functional smoking accessories in the world. We’re here to make sure your next smoking SESH is the best it can be.