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Sesh High5

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Coming soon to your pocket, our SESH HIGH5 cases are the perfect solution to take up to five, king sized pre-rolls discreetly on-the-go. Available in 6 different iconic colors, our HIGH5 is perfect for the smoker on the go. 


Size & Dimensions

4.5" [L] x 3" [W] x 5" [H]

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SESH represents the best storage for weed. Gone are the days of someone getting into your pre roll joint case - thanks to our virtually smell proof joint carrying case, we discreetly & securely hide your pre-rolls from prying eyes. This innovative pre roll joint case offers the best type of storage protection for your weed, offering both a smell proof and discreet solution for the smoker on the move. Your SESH HIGH5 joint storage case fits 5 pre rolls perfectly and represents the best joint case you can find.